The Game hat in einem offenen Brief bekanntgegeben, dass die offizielle Homepage nicht mehr sondern lautet. Der Grund dafür ist, dass Game sich von seinem alten Team unloyal behandelt gefühlt hat. Jedoch sind beide Homepages noch online.

Their came a time when I felt like I was being taking advantage of by the people closest to me & like anybody else would, I got fed up. A lot of my homies & former employees have continued to disrespect my company & my name by selling my T-Shirts & mixtapes behind my back making thousands of dollars & keeping 100% profit without cutting myself or anyone else in (even after they sent in resignation notices from the Black Wall Street) and talking shit about me.

Weiter greift Game in dem offenen Brief noch Spider Loc & G-Unit, Memphis Bleek, Joe Budden und Young Gunz an.

“I ended Joe Buddens career, smashed what was left of Memphis Bleek, waisted the Young Guns & killed G UNOT ALL by myself!!! There is no one else worth beefing with. Oh yeah, fuck Spider Joke & all them fake ass G UNOT crips…….. Again FUCK SPIDER JOKE & ALL THEM FAKE ASS G UNOT CRIPS !!! Spider please stop trying to fool these fans into believing your a factor in this L.A. Gangbangin’ shit. You don’t even come outside & I know 100 crip & blood gangs lookin for yo buster ass nigga.”

Auch Eazy E‘s Sohn Lil Eazy bleibt nicht unverschont.

“As for Lil’ Eazy, you will never be ya father you little disrespectful shit……… R.I.P. Eric “Eazy- E” Wright. Funny how you were cheesin on my DVD 6 months ago, but now that your album about to come out and single has gotten NO play (EVEN in L.A. radio stations- YOUR home town), you decide to take the 50 route and try to get attention and sales by sparking up beef. “

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