Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever

Releasedatum: 1997-06-03
Label(s): Loud Records, Columbia Records
1Wu-Revolution (Popa Wu)RZA
3For Heavens Sake (Cappadonna)RZA
4Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours (Still Don't Nothing Move But the Money)4th Disciple
5VisionzInspectah Deck
6As High As Wu-Tang GetRZA
7Severe PunishmentRZA
8Older Gods4th Disciple
9Maria (Cappadonna)RZA
10A Better Tomorrow4th Disciple
11It's YourzRZA
12Disc 2
14Triumph (Cappadonna)RZA
15Impossible (Tekitha)4th Disciple
16Little Ghetto Boys (Cappadonna)RZA
17Deadly Melody (Streetlife)RZA
18The City4th Disciple
19The ProjectsRZA
20Bells Of WarRZA
21The M.G.M.True Master
22Dog ShitRZA
23Duck SeazonRZA
24Hellz Wind Staff (Streetlife)RZA
25Heaterz (Cappadonna)True Master
26Black ShampooRZA
27Second Coming (Tekitha)RZA
28The Closing

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