Dilated Peoples - The Platform

Releasedatum: 2000-01-01
Label(s): Capitol Records
1So May I Introduce To YouEvidence
2The PlatformThe Alchemist
3No Retreat (B-Real)T-Ray
4GuaranteedThe Alchemist
5Right On (Tha Liks)E-Swift
6The Main EventThe Alchemist
7ServiceDJ Babu
8Ear Drums PopEvidence
9Years In The MakingJoey Chavez
10AnnihilationThe Alchemist
11Expanding ManEvidence
12The Last Line of DefenceThe Alchemist
13Triple OpticsEvidence
14The Shape of Things To Com (Aceyalone)Evidence, Joey Chavez
15Work The AnglesKutmasta Kurt
16Ear Drums Pop (Remix) (Planet Asia, Defari, White E. Ford, Phil Da Agony)Joey Chavez

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