Snoop Dogg - Rhythm and Gangsta: The Masterpiece

Releasedatum: 2004-01-01
Label(s): Geffen Records
1(Intro) I Love To Give You LightThe Alchemist
2Bang OutJ.R.
3Drope It Like It's Hot (Pharrell)The Neptunes
4Can I Get A Flicc WitchuJosef Leimberg
5Ups e DownsWarryn Campbell
6The BidnessSoopafly
7Snoop D.O. Double GBlack Jeruz, Sha Money XL
8Let's Get Blown (Pharrell)The Neptunes
9Step Yo Game Up (Lil Jon, Trina)Lil Jon
10PerfectThe Neptunes
12Fresh Pair Of Panties OnOle Folks
13Promise IDenaun Porter
14Oh No (50 Cent)Ron Browz
15Can U Control Yo Hoe (Soopafly)L.T. Hutton
16Signs (Pharrell, Uncle Charlie Wilson)The Neptunes
17I'm Threw WitchuWarryn Campbell
18Pass It Pass ItThe Neptunes
19Girl Like UL.T. Hutton
20No Thang On Me (Bootsy Collins)Hi-Tek

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