DJ Quik - The Midnight Life

Releasedatum: 2014-10-14
Label(s): Kein Label
2That N****r’s Crazy
3Back That Shit Up (feat. Tay F 3rd & David Blake II)
4Trapped On The Tracks (feat. David Blake II) (Bishop Lamont)
5El’s Interlude 2
6Puffin The Dragon
7Pet Sematary
8Life Jacket (Suga Free, Dom Kennedy)
9That Getter (feat. David Blake)
10The Conduct (Mack 10)
11Shine (feat. David Blake)
12Bacon’s Groove (feat. Rob “Fonksta” Bacon)
13Broken Down (Suga Free)
14Why’d You Have To Lie (feat. Joi)
15F**k All Night
16Quik’s Groove 9

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