Blu - Good To Be Home

Releasedatum: 2014-05-20
Label(s): Nature Sounds

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1(CD 1) Home
2The Return
3Back Home Again
4Boyz N The Hood (Pac Div, Fashawn)
5Whip Creme
6The West
7The 50z
8The LA
9Summer Time
10The Summer / (bonus) Angel Dust
11(CD 2) Rap Dope
12Dre Day
13Red & Gold (Prodigy, Phil Da Agony, Mitchy Slick)
14Child Support
15Well Fare (Casey Veggies, Thurz)
16He Man
17Brown Sugar (Oh No, MED)
18Bobby Brown
19Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Evidence, The Alchemist, Planet Asia, Krondon, Chace Infinite)
20The West (Part Two)

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