The Alchemist - Russian Roulette

Releasedatum: 2012-07-17
Label(s): Decon Records
2Apollo’s Last Stand
3Crushed Kremlin (Meyhem Lauren)
4Decisions Over Veal Orloff (Action Bronson)
5Learned by Listening
6Training Montage – Getting Stronger
7Ivan’s Workout Plan
8Never Grow Up (Evidence)
9The Turning Point (Roc Marciano)
10Live From Dynamo Stadium 2
11Don Seymour’s Theme
12Before The Fight Prelude
13Adrian’s Words – Champion Song
14Flight Of The Bumblebee
15Kalashnekov Guns (Guilty Simpson)
16Fight Confirmation (Danny Brown, ScHoolboy Q)
17Press Conference Prelude
18Freakish Strength
19Junkyard Fight Scene
20Oleg’s Flight (Fashawn)
21Moscow Mornings – Sunrise
22Moscow Evenings – Sunset
23The Kosmos Pt 1 – Liftoff (Chuuwee)
24The Kosmos Pt 2 – Power Glove (Boldy James)
25The Kosmos Pt 3 – In Orbit
26The Kosmos Pt 4 – Moon Probe (Big Twins)
27The Kosmos Pt 5 – 1st Contact – The Chase
28The Kosmos Pt 6 – Life On Another Planet (Willie The Kid)
29The Kosmos Pt 7 – The Explanation (Mr. MFN eXquire)
30The Kosmos Pt 8 – Return To Earth Outro

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