The Beatnuts - A Musical Massacre

Releasedatum: 1999-08-31
Label(s): Relativity Records
2Beatnuts Forever (Triple Seis, Marlon Manson)Psycho Les
3Muchachacha (Willie Stubz, Swinger)Psycho Les
4I Love ItPsycho Les
5Slam Pit (Cuban Link, Common)Psycho Les
6Wild, Wild, What (Interlude)
7Look Around (Dead Prez, Cheryl Pepsi Riley)Psycho Les
8Cocotaso (Tony Touch)
9Monster for MusicPsycho Les
10Spelling Beatnuts with Lil' Donny
11Puffin' on a CloudPsycho Les
12Turn it Out (Greg Nice)Psycho Les
13Rated R (Nogoodus)
14Who You're Fuckin' Wit
15Story 2000 (Patrick Blazy)Psycho Les
16Watch Out NowPsycho Les
17You're a Clown (Biz Markie, Tyler Fernandez)Psycho Les
18Buddah in the Air (Carl Thomas, Gob Goblin)Psycho Les
19Se Acabo (It's Over) (Magic Juan, Swinger)Psycho Les

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