Spliff Star
Spliff Star

Spliff Starr äußert sich zu dem Rampage Interview, in der er behauptet, Flimpmode Squad heißen würde jetzt Famous Millionaire Squad und jetzt ohne Busta Rhymes agieren.

“I don’t know what the f— Rampage is talking about. I know me, Rampage, Rah Digga and Baby Cham, everybody is doing their side things. Spliff Star is Flipmode though…I’m not about all that ‘Busta ain’t down.’ I’m down with everything Busta does, just like he’s down with everything I do. … And all that Rampage said about Busta and the cops, all that is bullsh–. … Besides that, me and Busta are still rocking…”

Beanie Sigel feat. Jay Z – Gutted (via spinemagazine.com)

Jadakiss – Welcome To The Roc Freestyle

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  1. AirForceOne

    you juss gon fake it till you make it huh?/ rented house on MTV you tapin em/ fine hoes in your videos you drapin em/ green screen in the project you savin em/ fine cars in your video you pay for them?/shyt i cant knock your hustle you make it fun/ Dear rappers you info in the public/ people start to think you real do somethin/MILL we do when niggas do 200/and talk like you platnium to us/TRU snuff him
    Scheiss auf Camron


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